“… Thy Will Be Done…”

Often, we pray the prayer that our Lord has taught us, but we do so in a robotic manner, not always taking the time to understand the depth of what we’re asking. Yet, even when it seems like the meaning has gone missing, God always remains faithful, responding to the pleas that we might not even realize that we are making. The beautiful gift of the Lord’s Prayer allows us to desire that which our Lord knows that we need, even when our wants become more prevalent in our minds. Of course, our Lord reminds us to pray in this way each day, knowing that our daily needs are requested through the words that He gives to us. One part of the prayer – “Thy will be done” – is a rather remarkable request, especially as we do not realize that we are confessing the brokenness of our will and the perfection of His. Yet, through the work of the Spirit, we are led to pray in this way, knowing that our Lord’s perfect will can deliver us from our sinful ways and bring us to serve Him and love our neighbor. Knowing this, being able to speak to God in this way is a source of great comfort for all who believe, especially as His will promises to guide us to His goodness and grace, showing the forgiveness that we need daily. His will leads us to witnessing everyday miracles, sharing the Good News of salvation, and being able to thrive in the midst of a sinful world, sharing the love of God from which we are never separate. Therefore, as we pray together, let us entrust ourselves to His will. In His death and resurrection, let us know that “it is finished,” and so His will is done.

Peace & love in Jesus,
Pastor González