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Greetings in the Jesus’ name!

There are many ways to give and we are very thankful that you would consider making a donation (tax-deductible) to Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Bronx, New York!

Your gift helps us to show the love of Jesus in many ways:
— Adding new community events as a means of sharing the Gospel with all in the Bronx
— Sponsoring our young people to help them attend trips & activities
— Helping to purchase supplies for our after-school program
— Creating opportunities for the growth of SIGHT (Student’s In God’s House at Trinity)
— Encouraging all to grow in the Christian faith

We are incredibly grateful and thankful for your willingness to “receive and share God’s gifts” with our Family of Faith! Thank you! The peace of the Lord be with you in all ways & always!

Peace, blessings & love,
Pastor Gonzalez