Thanks be to God for Pastor Hannah!

The Rev. Dr. John R. Hannah served Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church faithfully for 16 years as a Pastor, followed by his current service as Associate Pastor at the Lutheran Church and School of Our Saviour in the Bronx, NY. He has also served as Circuit Visitor for Circuit Five of the Atlantic District—LCMS, contributor to & board member of the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau, and member for the Society of the Holy Trinity, among his many other areas of service in the Church. His service as a Chaplain (Col. Ret.) in the United States Army brought his faithful service to many parts of the world, showing how he lives out the mission to “make disciples of all nations.” Of course, to myself and many others, Pastor Hannah is a dear friend and an incredible example of what it means to be an “imitator of Christ.” He is someone who never desires to receive credit for his incredible accomplishments and wonderful service to God, but rather he serves in every way that he is able. Pr. Hannah consistently goes beyond his calling to be present for friend & neighbor alike. In all of this, his greatest joy is sharing the Good News of Christ. Though there are many fine examples of those who have served as faithful husband, father, grandfather, pastor, leader, mentor, and friend, the Rev. Dr. John R. Hannah is one to whom we all should seek to follow… for much like the many great prophetic voices before him, Pr. Hannah will simply point us to Jesus. Thanks be to God for His servant: The Rev. Dr. John R. Hannah.

Peace & love in Jesus,
Pastor González