A Treasured Time

Advent is truly a wonderful time. We receive the gift of preparing for our Lord’s return while anticipating the celebration of His birth – a birth that changed the world. For we cannot imagine what life must have been like apart from the assurance that His birth and His life brings to us. In Jesus, we know that we shall not suffer in the depths of Sheol, in the darkness of evil. Rather, we are brought into His marvelous light and promised life in Him eternally. Sin and sorrow will no longer exist, but instead we will dwell in peace and provision, in His perfect promises fulfilled. Advent, then, is a fantastic time to treasure all that we receive in Jesus and all that we know about His coming. From the annunciation to Christmas, we are made able to anticipate every moment, celebrating that all of God’s work is a gift to us. Together, we receive the treasure that surpasses our understanding, transforms our hearts, and enables us to love one another with the forgiving love which we first receive. In this, we are also made able to share His love with those who are still lost in the darkness, those who do not know the life that is a gift to us. For love in Jesus is a treasure that simply multiplies and overflows when it is shared, leading all who believe to the promise and hope of joy-everlasting. Truly, this is a treasure worth sharing… and now is a treasured time for us to share.

Peace, love, & hope in Jesus,
Pastor G.