“Family of Faith!”

What a joyful opportunity to be called the “Family of Faith!” In many ways, this describes our life together as Christians, especially within the Church. We are named as brothers and sisters in Christ throughout Holy Scripture and we are called to love one another with the very same love that God first offers to us. Such an opportunity should be viewed as a beautiful gift, yet we sometimes struggle as we continue learning to love one another. When there is division, hurt, or anger towards those we are called to love, we can fall into the temptations of the Evil One and instead of showing compassion and forgiveness, we reveal the contempt and evil that dwells within our hearts when apart from God. Still, in the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are not abandoned to the ways of our hearts, but instead our hearts are transformed – united to Him in a death like His in our baptism and promised the same unity in a resurrection like His. The sin in our hearts is drowned and from baptismal water arises a new heart, a new person, a new life in the love of Jesus. Solely in His love are we able to love one another and share the gifts that are first offered to us. As the Holy Spirit dwells in us, then we are made able to share the love offered to us, especially to those who do not believe and may not have ever experienced the love of Jesus. At the same time, we also better learn to love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. Truly, then, it is not an exaggeration to say: What a joyful opportunity to be called the “Family of Faith!”

Peace & love in Jesus,
Pastor G.