MID-WEEK LENTEN SERVICES. This year, we will be sharing in Lenten Mid-Week services, celebrating in the Liturgy together, mid-week, during the season of Lent. These worship services will be a reminder of our focus on prayer and repentance in the midst of God’s love. Each service begins at 7:00PM and will take place at Trinity. Here is the schedule of services:
–Wednesday, February 28, 2018 (THE SECOND WEEK IN LENT)
–Wednesday, March 14, 2018 (THE FOURTH WEEK IN LENT)

“FIRST HOLY COMMUNION” CLASSES! Do you have a child desiring to receive the Eucharist? We will have classes for those interested in receiving First Holy Communion. Children between ages 7-10 are invited to participate, as well as those currently in Confirmation Class. The classes will take place on Saturdays at 11AM on the following dates: March 24; March 31; April 7; April 14

TRINITY’S SPRING SPRUCE-UP! All are invited to join together on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 1:00 PM as we clean-up and organize at Trinity! We have several different tasks to be completed, including the cleaning of our sanctuary as we prepare for the season of Easter. Please sign-up at the SPIRIT Board in the back so that we can put together a checklist of ways to serve and we can make sure that we finish all the tasks that need to be completed! We give thanks to God that we can take care of our church together!

 “FAMILY OF FAITH” EASTER BRUNCH! On Sunday, April 1, 2018, following our Easter Sunday Liturgy, we gather in our community room for our Easter Brunch. This is a wonderful time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, breaking the fast of Lent together and beginning the Easter season! All are invited to our joyous celebration together as we gather with our “Family of Faith!” Also, PLEASE invite all to our Holy Week Liturgies and to our celebration feast at Trinity as we hope to help all feel welcome as we give thanks for this wonderful time together, continuing to receive and share God’s gifts!

CC at TRINITY (Confirmation Classes – 6th Grade & Up)! Following our worship service (approx. 12 Noon) – those who are in 6th Grade (or older) are invited for learning and growing in faith while enjoying some snacks and fun! Confirmation classes prepare people for Baptism, First Communion and the Confirmation of their faith, continuing their growth in the Christian faith. We will be meeting in our new multi-purpose learning room, which will be newly setup adjacent to our community room on the lower level of our building. For more information, please speak with Pastor Gonzalez.

“LIFT” (LEARNING IN FAITH @ TRINITY)! Would you like to be baptized, receive Holy Communion, or join our “Family of Faith” here at Trinity? We are excited about sharing our faith with others. Together, we give thanks to God for our opportunities to join Trinity as a member and learn more about the Christian faith. This happens in our LIFT Classes, specifically designed for adults to learn and become members. The Fall season classes are completed, but the winter schedule will be announced soon. For more information, please speak with Pastor Gonzalez.

ANOINTING WITH OIL FOR HEALING will occur when announced in the bulletin & weekly announcements. The next date is: Sunday, February 18.

“MUSIC AT TRINITY.” Together, we are thankful for the musical direction and work of our director of music, Mr. Ray Calderon. We also join together on our new “Music at Trinity” website, where we are able to see the upcoming musical offerings and support our music program at Trinity. We encourage all to visit, enjoy and invite others to this feature of our congregational life.


Trinity’s Family of Faith

“CITY”: ‘LOCK-IN’ AT CHURCH! On Friday, March 2, 2018, our CITY group are invited for a lock-in sleepover at church! We will gather, enjoy some fun & games, along with time for Bible Study, and lots of good snacks! The youth will return home on Saturday morning. For more information, please speak with Pastor G. 

“CITY Jr.” (9-13 yrs. old): SMILES WITH STYLE! On Sunday, February 18, 2018, following worship, our CITY Jr. Group is invited to join with some of our younger ages as we hear about how to take care of our teeth! Led by Ms. Migdalia Derbas, this event will have a fun presentation, some cool prizes, and some great snacks and refreshments! Looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful smile! For more information, please speak with Pastor G. or Ms. Migdalia Derbas.

“SALT”: FEB. 11 LADIES’ BRUNCH! Our next Spirit Assembled Ladies of Trinity (SALT) event will take place after our worship service on Sunday, February 11! Ladies will gather at Havana Café (1247 Castle Hill Ave.) for a wonderful brunch, meeting at 2PM at Havana. The cost for the bunch is $36 (or $47 if you’d like unlimited sangria, mimosas, wine, etc.). PLEASE SIGN-UP in order to allow for a proper “head-count” for the reservation. For more information, please speak to Ms. Migdalia Derbas. 

“LIGHT”: MEN’S CAMPING RETREAT! From March 16-18, 2018, our Leaders Imitating God’s Heart at Trinity (LIGHT [our Men’s group]) will journey away for a weekend camping retreat. This will be an opportunity to rest and enjoy time together, while also sharing in the opportunity to enjoy some fun activities. Please mark that date on your calendar and “stay tuned” for more information. Thanks!